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Writing a good dissertation is going to take all of the talent and skill that you have accumulated over your academic career. This will be a research process like none that you have ever undergone before and in the end what you create will add value to the subject and the world. This is the most important academic achievement that you will make to this point in your life. It is important that you understand the process and can follow it from the beginning to the end. One of the most important parts of the process is being able to create a bibliography and with a little practice you will be able to produce a perfect bibliography that will be the exclamation point on an excellent dissertation.

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Prewriting is so important for those of us who deal with perfectionism because we want to spend, and even waste, time on the small decisions at the expense of spending time on the big decisions. Prewriting helps us to focus on the big decisions. What is the big point that I want my readers to walk away with? What are the three sub-points that I want them to grasp? This may sound contradictory if you are struggling over a dissertation topic. Although with those who struggle with perfectionism, the issue really isn’t honing in on a dissertation topic -- it is committing to a dissertation topic. It is accepting that no topic is perfect and that there are many others that will be adequate. Some topics are better than others; none are perfect. In order to prevent yourself from searching for the perfect topic, you may want to contract with a writing partner, your adviser, or a mentor who can let you know when you have spent enough time on choosing a topic and when it is time to work on that topic. So if you are grappling over a dissertation topic, good, you know the importance of choosing a good topic. Although, please do not let the quest for the perfect dissertation topic prevent you from writing a good dissertation.

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Writing a good dissertation is a substantial requirement for successful PhD students. Its main goal is to proof the student’s thesis and to convince others of its veracity. Although it is not required to contain everything; it should include research on the topic, explanation of the theory suggested, and the author’s contribution.