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Are you ever stuck when your teacher just assigns you to write a lab report, and you have no idea what to do? Or you just really didn't pay attention and lab report is due tomorrow and you need immediate help? Well, read on if you want to find out how to write a lab report. Remember you will need to know a lot about the topic you are going to be writing about. A lab report is just like writing an essay.

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You are expected to write a lab report for each experiment that you perform in Chem 201/202. Generally speaking, these reports are separate documents from your lab notebook. Each report will be evaluated on its own merits as a technical document, i.e., as a useful and complete description of your scientific work.

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How To Write A Lab Report

This document is a guide to help you write a lab report to pass in. There are two other pages of which you should keep track: there is a , which is a description of what you should include for a "4" or a "3" etc; and for most labs there is also a "score sheet." The scoring sheet is specific for each lab.