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Millions of North Americans now own camcorders or digital camcorders and use them on a regular basis for filming important family milestones, vacations, and special events. Starting a video editing service that takes a client's raw film footage and turns it into a fantastic video production including music, titles, and special effects is a fantastic business venture to put into action. A video editing business can easily be operated from a homebased studio, and the business can focus on both video film editing as well as digital film editing. Utilizing a demonstration kiosk that can set up in a mall or grocery store is a fantastic way to promote a video editing service, as it can give potential clients a firsthand look at how their treasured family videos will look after being professionally edited. Starting a video and digital editing service does require special skills and equipment. However, like any great business opportunity, hard work, research, and planning can pay off in terms of personal and financial rewards.

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Memories2keep are a home video editing service. We take your unedited video footage and turn it into something special – an edited DVD which can then be watched and enjoyed time and time again.

We all enjoy filming different family occasions but the problem comes when we want to watch the footage again – hours of footage is not easy or enjoyable to watch, so it gets put away and forgotten about.

Do you have hours of unedited home video footage that has never been watched? If so, then we can help you!

It doesn’t matter if it is an old VHS cassette or a modern memory card from your camera, memories2keep can take whatever footage you give us and turn it into a beautiful memory to keep forever. It can also make a great gift.

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Apart from superlative video editing services, we also have expertise in creating leading edge video composites. Learn more about our .

We offer a number of video editing service packages to suit every budget and level of production values, from a quick edit for your Presentation to a fully polished Corporate Video to use as a marketing tool or to feature on your website.