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The University Dissertation Fellows award is established by the Office of the Provost to enable and support Ph.D. students to devote full attention to the completion of their doctoral dissertation. Nominees for these awards must be in doctoral candidacy and have completed all course requirement for the Ph.D. degree except submission of the dissertation. The Office of Graduate and Professional Education is responsible for the administration of this competitive award and is assisted by a faculty review committee in the selection of University Dissertation Fellows.

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Life brings us face to face with a lot many challenging situations. Some of us surrender ourselves and give up but others struggle until they succeed. Why am I discussing this struggle here? The one reading this article must be looking forward to a sample so that they can write their university dissertations and submit it to fetch good grades. But is it all that one wants from life? No, absolutely not. Remember, Life is a race and those who lag behind won’t ever be able to elevate their position.

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