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Some information in this document was taken from the ProQuest Information and Learning publication, Publishing Your Doctoral Dissertation with UMI Dissertation Publishing. This publication is available . Please refer to these guides for dissertation submission information.

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All doctoral and masters students submitting a dissertation to the UAB Graduate School, must sign an agreement with ProQuest/UMI Dissertation Publishing, the firm that has acted as the repository and distributor for the majority of dissertations written in the United States for more than sixty years. For more than a decade, ProQuest/UMI has also provided on line access to this database. It is important that you read and understand the ramifications of the Proquest/UMI agreement, and any other publishing agreement that you may be asked to sign. To make informed decisions, you, your faculty advisor, and your committee should be aware of the publication practices in your field of study, particularly if you have previously published or plan to publish any part of your research in a journal or book. See Prior Publication Issues and links to journal policies below.

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Note: Doctoral dissertations are also released to ProQuest’s UMI Dissertation Publishing soon after the date of degree conferral of the graduation period for which they are submitted. The release options available on the ProQuest publishing agreement are separate from the University's ETD release options described above. The Thesis Office recommends selecting the "Traditional Publishing" option to avoid the additional fee associated with ProQuest's "Open Access Publishing" option. The availability of the dissertation through ProQuest depends on the release option selected by the student on the ProQuest publishing agreement that is submitted at the time of deposit and not the option chosen for UIC Indigo.