The different types of dissertation writing forms:

1) The dissertation that is taught is a kind of a response to some definite question that you have been asked and as a rule it follows the standard structure of any . That means working on these types of dissertations your will write a foreword, the main body, and conclusions.

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The dissertation process and overall format is fairly similar for the types of dissertation design CIHS accepts: quantitative, qualitative and theoretical designs as well as a combination of methods. The main characteristics of these approaches include:

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Whilst qualitative and quantitative dissertations are more than just the use of qualitative or qualitative research methods and data, there is no escaping the fact that qualitative dissertations use qualitative research methods and collect qualitative data (i.e., from unstructured interviews, focus groups, participant observation, etc.), and quantitative dissertations use quantitative research methods, collecting quantitative data (i.e., from data sets, surveys, structured interviews, structured observation, etc.). If you've spent your degree working with quantitative research designs (e.g., randomized control trials, pre- and post-test designs, relationship-based designs, etc.), as well as quantitative research methods and data, the logical choice might be to take on a quantitative dissertation. The same can be said for qualitative dissertations, since in both cases, the learning curve will be a lot higher if you're completely unaccustomed to the components that make up these different types of dissertation.