What Is the Difference Between a Thesis and a Dissertation?

The Cornell-hosted ETEXTCTR discussion list addressed e-theses atlength in August 1997. After questions of 'why don't we make thesesavailable on the Web,' Perry Willett of Indiana University was firstto ask the more complex question of what it means to have ane-dissertation. What guidelines, format, and requirements would therebe? Would students be required to learn SGML or HTML or will anyelectronic format do? What are the implications for archival storage-- something which many students and administrators don't consider?(P. Willett, ETEXTCTR , 4 Aug 1997) Hope Greenburg of the Universityof Vermont agreed that perhaps this was the time to reexamine thefunction and practice of theses and dissertations before building amodel for them. "The work is designed to be printed on paper, bound,catalogued, read by a committee, and eventually by other interestedscholars. To accommodate these readers and cataloguers the documenthas taken a particular form." (H. Greenburg, ETEXTCTR, 06 Aug1997). Matthew Kirschenbaum from the University of Virginia joined in,describing his list of online projects as "theses and dissertationsintended to be native to electronic media." (M. Kirschenbaum,ETEXTCTR, 12 Aug 1997)

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