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Students starting a dissertation or large project, often meet a barrier early on because of the terminology invloved in producing one. This fact sheet provides a guide to the meanings of the most impotant terminology, along with extra guidance on the procedure. It covers what is meant by such terms as:

Starting a Dissertation: What Do I Begin With?

If I were starting a dissertation now, I would go about using DropBox a little differently. The service itself worked well, but my communication about how to share writing could have been better. For me, a way to improve communication with faculty members about how to share my writing with them would be to have a conversation about it at the dissertation colloquium. The colloquium is probably the last time you will see all your committee together in the same room (before the defense itself) and I think it would be a more natural (or at least less awkward) space to bring up logistical issues.

Starting an Effective Dissertation Writing

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Often, students are required to write dissertations. The first step of how to start a dissertation is to think critically and do background reading in order to come up with the right topic. It is advisable for students to find topics on issues that they care about. The topic should be about something that you have constantly thought about for sometime since at that time, you should look as if you are a leading expert in the field.