Stanford Dissertations and Theses

The Stanford electronic dissertation program, launched last November, offers doctoral students the option of submitting their dissertations electronically.

All Stanford dissertations and theses are listed in SearchWorks

The Stanford Dissertation Browser is an interactive tool to explore similarities between different fields of study at Stanford University by examining the language used in the different PhD publications. Fields of study are arranged around a circle with one field of study in the centre. For the subject in the centre similarities with other fields are shown by the distance to the centre. The closer the circles, the more common the language these fields share. …

Google publishes Stanford dissertations online - SFGate

Richards – Looking Outwards – 4: The Stanford Dissertation Browser

Through the end of 2009, we have completed more than 65 interviews, with company founders, early employees, venture capitalists and others involved in the success of the region. We also have a database of more than 300 telecommunications-related firms with operations in San Diego, based on Dr. Simard’s 2004 Stanford dissertation.