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• Objective: To extend a standard laboratory report so the writing and theory are now presented at a professional level. This should be at the level of a report generated by a consultant.

In addition to the standard lab report format, please answer thefollowing questions:

Assignment: Choose a short observational project which interests you. Decide what measurements need to be made, gather the necessary equipment, make the observations carefully, and write a poster paper and a standard lab report. (This should include purpose, equipment, procedure, raw data, calculations, graphs, assumptions, conclusions, comparison with accepted values, error analysis, and discussion.) Remember to estimate your uncertainties as you take the measurements. Most of your project should be done with real equipment, only a small part may be done online. You may do a project alone or with a partner.

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-Students will write a standard lab report showing data collection and reporting their results.

So here is the essence of the misunderstanding and confusion about cholesterol readings. The belief that high cholesterol numbers cause atherosclerosis and subsequent heart disease is a fundamental precept that conventional medicine physicians were taught in medical school over the last thirty years. But many modern research studies confirm that 50% of people experiencing a heart attack have normal cholesterol readings based on the standard testing. One particular study, published in the , revealed that as many as .[1] The bottom line is that having high cholesterol does not equate to having heart disease, and having a ”normal” cholesterol reading does not necessarily put you in the clear. In other words, in order to genuinely reduce your risk for heart disease, you have to get to the real root of the problem – and that’s not the type of cholesterol that gets measured in your standard lab report.