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The lab is examined though a simple lab report. You should packageyour code (without data files or object files, please), plus commentsabout the result as noted below. Comments should be in a plain textfile or in the body of your mail. E-mail to Ingemar.

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LaTeX is the de facto standard for writing documents in math and physics. Because it has its own language in a programming sense, fluency with LaTeX might seem to be a daunting skill to acquire. However, its implementation is straight forward and its handling of figures and equations makes any extra work well worth it. This workshop will address the basics of LaTeX for a working understanding to easily get through even a simple lab report with style.

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To solidify material taught, a weekly edible cooking lab will be assigned to be completed by the following week's lecture. Labs will be designed to relate to the material taught in lecture for that week and will require about 1 hours of cooking to be done in groups of 3 to 4 people. It will have a simple lab report.