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The Discussion section should interpret your results relative to the objectives that you described in the Introduction and answer the questions "So what?" and "What does it mean?" Thus, a good Discussion section should do each of the following:Scientists rely heavily on information presented in papers written by their colleagues. Indeed, the Introduction, Materials and Methods, and Discussion sections of a lab report often contain citations of other publications.

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It's not enough to only report your findings; you must also discuss what they mean, how they relate to existing knowledge, and why they're important. This is the purpose of the Discussion section of a lab report or scientific paper.

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Lorraine Higgins will continue the session by presenting strategies for writing the RESULTS section of the lab report, responding to common challenges students face as they approach this task. She'll address the following questions and provide materials that can be adapted for classroom teaching: What are the distinct features of the RESULTS section? How should RESULTS be connected to other sections of a lab report? How is the RESULTS section a type of argument? How might quantitative information be integrated verbally and visually to support the researcher's claims?