Also called "Literature Cited" or "References Cited," this is a list only of papers and resources actually mentioned (cited) within the report. (NOTE: A "Bibliography," on the other hand, refers to a list of all materials used to get background knowledge on a subject; you will not usually be required to include one in a scientific lab report.)

Writing a Proper Scientific Lab Report - PDF by nvw54192

This assessment utilizes STEM applications as students build a controlled airplane together of your choice and then test the flight distance. Students are then given variables to change in order to compare the flight distance. After gathering all of their data students write-up a scientific lab report and graph their results. A great discussion can take place after the lab report is complete as each team can report out their results and as a class the students can figure out which variables had the greatest impact on the design of the airplane. This assessment also includes a student and teacher rubric. Students have the opportunity assess their lab report as part of a reflection process before handing it in for a final grade.


Most first year biology majors find that writing a proper scientific lab report very difficult

Scientific lab reports are written for the sole purpose of sharing information. If readers want more information about something, they need to be able to find the exact place it was originally written. References also give credit to the person who did the work and provide your work with authority.