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A student in the M.S. program must satisfy the Data Science Core coursework requirements, i.e., students take one course from each of the five .

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A Science Coursework has various dimensions to it that need to be studied well before beginning.

Science coursework remains as the interesting subject for many students. The GCSE Science Coursework deals with theoretical as well as practical knowledge, skills and abilities. It contains the following steps:

Major Program of Studies at FSU: 38 hours
The biological science major requires the following: 1) Completion of a minimum of 38 hours of biological science courses, with grades of C- or higher. At least 20 of the 38 hours must be taken at FSU. 2) Completion of a minimum of 5 biological science lab or field courses (L or C after the course number) with grades of C- or higher. 3) Completion of collateral courses in chemistry, math, and physics with a grade of C- or higher. 4) A minimum combined 2.0 GPA (no forgiveness) in all courses required for the major, including collaterals, taken at FSU or elsewhere, is required for graduation with a degree in biological science.
Required Lower Division Biological Sciences Courses (8 hours)
BSC 2010 (3) Biological Science I
BSC 2010L (1) Biological Science I Lab
BSC 2011 (3) Biological Science II
BSC 2011L (1) Biological Science II Lab
Required Upper Division Biological Sciences Courses (12 hours)
PCB 3063 (3) Genetics
BSC 3060 (3) Eukaryotic Diversity
BSC 3402L (3) Experimental Biology Lab
PCB 4674 (3) Evolution
Area Requirements (6-9 hours) Two courses representing two different areas:
Area I: Cell and Molecular Biology
MCB 4403 (3) Prokaryotic Biology
PCB 3134 (3) Cell Structure & Function
PCB 4253 (3) Animal Development
PCB 4024 (3) Molecular Biology
Area II: Physiology
PCB 3743 (3) Vertebrate Physiology
PCB 4843 (3) Fundamentals of Neuroscience
Area III: Ecology and Environmental Sciences
BSC 3052 (3) Conservation Biology
PCB 3043 (3) Ecology
ZOO 4513 (4) Animal Behavior
Additional elective courses in biological science at the 3000-4000 level to complete the 38 hour requirement. Consult advisor. NOTE: A maximum of 6 hours of honors work, 6 hours of DIS or research methods, 4 hours of internship, 2 hours of senior tutorial, and 1 hour of supervised teaching can be used to meet the 38 hour biological science coursework requirement.
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