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At NECC, students can earn college credit for high school coursework if their school has an articulation agreement with the college. An articulation agreement is an officially approved agreement that aligns coursework at the high school level with coursework at Northern Essex Community College. An articulation agreement also outlines the procedure by which Northern Essex Community College awards credit to secondary education students who have successfully met the criteria to be eligible to receive credit. In order to receive articulated credit, students must…

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Are you in high school now and interested in studying architecture, interior design or construction management? Interested in earning free college credit for the work you are doing in high school? You can take drafting courses, architectural drawing courses, art courses, carpentry and building construction courses either at your high school (if available) or at one of the county's Centers for Applied Technology. If you follow and meet the requirements of the career pathways identified through what is called "," you may receive free college credit for your high school coursework and be placed in a more advanced college course.

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The public primarily associates advanced high school coursework with the Advanced Placement program, which has expanded dramatically at a rate of 9.3% per year over the last two decades (Sadler, 2010). The popular US News & World Report's yearly ranking of the best U.S. high schools uses AP exam data. A succession of efforts to expand advanced science and mathematics offerings in high school call for training an additional 70,000 AP science and math teachers (National Research Council, 2005), federal and state subsidization of AP examination fees (Klopfenstein, 2004), and for offering cash incentives for students who pass AP exams and bonuses for teachers of students who do well on AP exams (Jackson, 2008). …