Sample Lab Report #2 - Pennsylvania State University

Before you read my sample lab report, ...they earned an A for it. Also, make sure when you read my sample while also reading the comments on this page. I have added line numbers to the report for the sake of clearly communicating about the different sections. I want to make several details very clear.

Sample Lab Report (the data and microorganisms presented hereare fictional)

The Sample Lab Report mobile app provides a lab report including blood test results. This report gives doctors important information about the status of patient's overall health. The app records patient name, name of ordering doctor, PT medications, date of birth, name of test performed, test result, reference ranges, and units. The app also records tests that require nine hour fasting to ensure accuracy of results, such as total cholesterol, HDL cholesterol, triglycerides, glucose, TC/HDL ratio and blood pressure. The app provides test result interpretation for patients.

Common Writing Assignments: Sample Lab Report

Below is a sample lab report assignment from a UW-Madison bacteriology course.

Sample lab report consists of algorithm for laboratory work includes implementation of theoretical calculations, obtaining evidence into practice using the equipment, consolidation and analysis of the results obtained in the documentary-report form.