Sample Coursework: Finance, Marketing, Intro to Business Management

Kolbe Academy offers transcript and record keeping services for all enrolled students. Kolbe transcripts lists coursework done within and outside of the Kolbe Academy curriculum including academic and non-academic coursework as well as . To receive credit on a transcript for a homeschool course, a parent must submit sample coursework to Kolbe or a transcript of credit from another institution. Students enrolled in an online course with Kolbe Academy will automatically have a Kolbe transcript generated for their online course(s).

Sample Coursework: Agricultural Finance, Farm Business Management, Marketing

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Sample Coursework: Food Safety Assurance, Sensory Evaluation of Food

Sample Coursework: Native Peoples in the Northeast, Introduction to Native American Literature

You must have an official transcript submitted from your prior institution to the GMU registrar's office. Your transcript will be examined to determine what courses you will be given transfer credit for. If you believe you have been given too little recognition, you can file a with the CS Department after consulting with your advisor. Along with this form, you must submit additional documentation including the syllabus, textbook name, and sample coursework that you completed at your previous institution. Take this form and your documentation to the CS Department (ENGR 4300).