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A questionnaire was mailed to 88 colleges and schools of pharmacy in the United States and Puerto Rico. The survey instrument sought information on formal research-related coursework; required and elective research experiences; and perceptions of student-conducted research.

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This study demonstrates the variability in extent of research-related coursework and research experiences in PharmD programs across the country.

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For option 2, the SAF Staff under the direction of the Qualifications and Admission Committee of the Certification Review Board will review the degree content or additional credits to ensure content in four subject matter areas. Applications must include a course description or syllabi to verify that the eligibility requirements have been met. Applicants may be requested to submit additional documentation.

You can create a separate section on your resume using the headings, “Related Coursework” or “Relevant Coursework,” or include your class listing under your education section. It is best to list the classes in a column format, so they are easier to read."Unless you're applying for your very first internship, remove your related coursework," Huhman says. All your relevant education definitely belongs on your resume, but a separate section for "related coursework" isn't necessary. Your resume needs a laser-sharp focus. If you're struggling to show how a class is relevant to the job you're applying for, consider removing it.