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I am currently doing my Physics Quality of Measurement coursework and I would like to ask if anyone has any helpful tips or hints that you wish to share. I know I have been handed lots of material by my physics teachers but I want to know the first hand experiences of you all especially those who got the highest marks or didn't but know where they went wrong. I am investigating the best way of measuring g. I selected two methods: 1. dropping a ball from the top of a stairwell and using a human to start and stop the timer (20 readings from one height, and I am thinking of creating a histrogram from this data and 2. using a computerised freefall apparatus with a computer controlled magnet which releases a steel ball and has a pressure pad at the bottom to know when to stop the timer. For this I have varied the height.

Quality of Measurement Coursework

Quality of Measurement Coursework Booklet by huanghengdong

Quality of measurement coursework