The purpose of a dissertation proposal is ..

The purpose of a dissertation committee is to help prepare you to enter the conversation you have chosen. Committee members help you rehearse the kinds of response your work may get when you have your degree and begin to publish from your dissertation in preparation for tenure. The dissertation committee, in this sense, is a safe audience that can help you solve problems in your thinking and research before you present your work to the national and/or international community of scholars in rhetoric and composition. Furthermore, in choosing to work with you, committee members have made a commitment to you and your work. They may be valuable advocates and resources after the dissertation project is successful, when you are attempting to publish your work. In choosing a dissertation committee in consultation with your director, you might consider the following questions:

The purpose of a dissertation is to demonstrate the culmination of your studies.

According to University Policy, at least three of the dissertation defensecommittee members must be GSAS faculty members. Former GSAS facultymembers are regarded as NYU faculty for the purpose of a dissertationdefense. The Director of Graduate Studies must approve a committee with fewer than three department faculty members. The committee may have "outside" committee members (not on the NYU faculty at all), with the permission of the Director of Graduate Studies.

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the purpose of a dissertation should include a rigorous production of scientific knowledge

A piece of independent research begins with formulating a research proposal which explores your intended project and forms the basis of a discussion with your supervisor. What is the purpose of a dissertation proposal and what makes an effective one? Find out in this interactive workshop for Master’s students.