APA citation format for a published dissertation:

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For continuous outcome variables, we used t-tests to compare published and unpublished dissertations. For categorical outcome variables, we used chi-square tests and Fisher’s exact test when cells had an expected count of less than 5. A Bonferroni-corrected alpha level of 0.002 (0.05/26) was adopted to account for the multiple tests of significance conducted.

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To deposit your dissertation my Publishing Dissertation What Is A Dissertation Abstract in Deep Blue, contact Rackham's. Office of Academic Records and Dissertations or call. ProQuest/UMI offers a service in which they will register your copyright for you, and deposit the required copies with the Copyright Office. Brandeis only accepts electronic submission and participates my Publishing Dissertation What Is A Dissertation Abstract in a program for archiving electronic versions of dissertations through a division of University Microfilm International (UMI) called ProQuest Information and Learning. Authors find this advantageous since an electronic version of the dissertation may include photographs, simulations, video clips and sound, thumbnail pages, and links to aid navigation.

3. Unpublished doctoral dissertation (i.e., doesn't appear in DAI).

I'm still unclear on the meaning of the term "published dissertation".

Findings support the notion that unpublished doctoral dissertations, at least in this area of research, are not necessarily of vastly inferior quality. Because doctoral dissertations are easy to identify in bibliographic databases, are not subject to publication-review bias and the file-drawer effect due to automatic entry into the Dissertation Abstracts International database, can often be obtained via institutions’ interlibrary loan services (or purchased commercially), and have thorough reporting, we concur with other authors [, ] that they merit inclusion in comprehensive literature reviews.