How to Write a Psychology Lab Report

Introduction. This a section of the psychology lab report should describe previous research on a paper topic, provide readers with the aims of your research and suggest a hypothesis. Introduction usually is made up of a few pages and requires comprehensive research. It is very important to use citations there.

Tables and figures. They should be within the final section of your psychology lab report.

Up until now, your assignments have been graded primarily by your professor. In contrast to this traditional evaluation, psychology lab reports in Intro to Psychology are graded by teaching fellows - upper-level undergraduates who are majoring in psychology. This type of grading allows students to become familiar with peer review. Peer review is a practice in which scholars review the writing of their colleagues (or peers) in a particular field of science or literature. In this case, teaching fellows (TF's), peers of Intro Psychology students who have extensive knowledge in the subject of psychology, review the lab reports and provide constructive feedback.

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As you ve already guessed, the key part of psychology lab report is the discussion section. Make sure you answer the following questions in it.