Psychology Coursework - Educational Writing

Prereq: At least 12 completed hours of psychology coursework, Junior/Senior/Graduate standing, permission of the instructor
An in-depth examination of a particular topic in one of 13 designated areas of psychology. Taught in seminar format. Topics will be announced during the preceding semester. Offered on an irregular basis.

5. Core Psychology Coursework (choose TWO courses from the list below)

The psychology minor requires that you take 18 hours of psychology coursework with 6 of those hours as advanced (3000-4000 level). You can come into the Psychology Advising office for us to advise on relevant psychology courses to take. To declare yourself as a psychology minor, you must go to your major deparmental advising or your general academic advisor for your college to add the psychology minor to your degree audit request.

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Psychology Coursework

For gaining a high grade for your psychology coursework, refer to the marking scheme or the assignment rubric which will be provided with the task sheet. It can help you to identify the key areas which you should include in your paper in order to score marks. By making sure all key sections mentioned in the marking scheme are clearly outlined in your paper, you stand the chance to score in all these sections.

Learn to write your psychology coursework in such a way which will lay the foundation of a new aspect in the field of psychologyThis is a list of psychology coursework topics that will help you to consider what sort of topics to choose for writing your A-level/A2/AS psychology coursework.