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WritersServices provides a high-quality professional copy editing service that offers great quality and value at an excellent price point.

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BubbleCow was established in 2007 with the simple goal of ‘helping writers to get published’. At first we just provided professional copy editing services, as well as advice and guidance on the best way to prepare a book proposal. These two services remain a significant part of our business, but the publishing world has changed greatly over the years, and in response to our clients, we have expanded and developed the benefits we can provide to writers.

We now recognize that writers face two very real publishing options. The first is the traditional route of agent/publisher. The second is self-publishing.

We still provide copy editing and book proposal advice, but we now also offer additional services that are designed to help writers, no matter which publishing route they intend to take. We have teamed up with a number of third party companies, including self-publishers, book designers and PR experts, who provide our writers with discounts to these services. In addition, we offer proofreading and even free ebook conversion.

As BubbleCow grows we continue to listen and react to the needs and requirements of writers.

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Welcome to my site! I run an Edinburgh-based professional copy editing service, with an emphasis on humanities and social sciences. I have considerable experience with academic writers, including those with non-native English.