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The Fernando Bragança Gil award is given twice a year by the Portuguese Physics Society to the best Physics dissertation at a Portuguese university.

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Dr. E applying Faraday's Law in his Ph.D. physics dissertation. : The (Euripides) site is only a tiny part of a lavish virtual community known as the Jolly Roger, which was created by Elliott McGucken, a physics professor and researcher who lives in Chapel Hill, NC. An aspiring writer himself, he built a richly detailed maze of discussion boards and chat rooms devoted to the classic works of Western culture. McGucken envisioned the site purely as a gathering place for literature lovers, not corner-cutting college kids, and he's been forced to create some password-protected parallel rooms for the true aficionados. Yet he's stoic about the invasion of the term-paper trollers. On one hand, the trafficking at least shows that teachers are still assigning the Western works he holds dear. On the other? "Not everyone is reading them," he says, ("but we do get a lot of emails from sailors upon our sites thanking us for introducing them to Moby Dick and other Great Books. And that's what it's all about.") article mentions Dr. Elliot McGucken's course in artist entrepreneurship, which teaches artists that they should have the skills to profit from their creations. This is a welcome development. It's great to see artists who figure out how to cost-effectively produce and sell their artwork, and otherwise are able to combine entrepreneurship with their creative sides.

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The cover page of your physics dissertation should have the following aspects covered:

Although it is not an essential part in a physics dissertation, it is better to include it since you must have read other published works relating to your topic. And it gives a detailed account of what others have done pertaining to your topic.