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After you have completed all required corrections to your thesis or dissertation, and have submitted your Survey of Earned Doctorates certificate (PhD only) to Barbara Graves, your program representative will sign the Report of Final Exam indicating that you have completed all requirements for your degree. That form along with the Thesis and Dissertation Assessment and Survey of Earned Doctorates certificate will be forwarded to the Graduate Studies Office. Your MS Thesis Defense or PhD Dissertation Defense milestone in SIS (Academic Requirements) will show Satisfied. This may take a few days during the busiest time.

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The Reporting Form for the PhD defense will be completed and distributed to the student before the exam by the graduate administrative assistant. An overview of the defense procedures will be included in a notification email sent to the advisor(s), committee members, the Graduate School and cc’d to the student as soon as scheduling of the oral defense is complete. All committee members, including the advisor(s), must sign the Reporting Form and indicate their vote. Official notification of the results of the PhD dissertation defense will be sent to the student and their advisor(s) from the Graduate School. (See for more detailed information.)

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After your MS Thesis Defense or PhD Dissertation Defense milestone is satisfied in SIS, you may upload ONE pdf document. Your pdf must include the appropriate title and pages as well as your complete, final, approved thesis or dissertation. Please note that the approval page shall include the typed names of your committee members, but not their actual signatures (as the signatures should not be posted online). If you do not have access to Adobe Acrobat Pro, or other package that merges pdf documents, you may reserve a workstation in the UVa Digital Media Lab in Clemons Library where you can scan your title and signature pages, and merge them with your thesis/dissertation pdf to create one document.