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My experiment was tested recently when I fell on a concrete sidewalk and landed on my knees. My bones did not crumble. I have been in complete remission for five years. Recovering has instilled confidence as each perfect lab report or skeletal survey reminds me that the intruder called myeloma is causing no harm. I breathe in and I breathe out—the experiment continues.

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Some comments on the general style of the writeup: in your Engineer's Computation Pad you are attempting to keep an accurate record of the experimental work you perform in the lab. The document you turn in will not contain a perfect lab report of your experiment—that's something entirely different—but rather a record of what you did, how you did it, and what your results were. Although the lab record may reflect your personal style somewhat, your records need to be formal, neat, and complete enough so that any reasonably knowledgable person familiar with the subject of your experiment—another student, or the instructor of this course—can read the protocol and your record, understand exactly what you did, and repeat your experiment if necessary.

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In the same way, the Organization Kid's lack of soul-searching doesn't bode well for future poets and philosophers. Dostoevsky's Ivan wouldn't have had time to dream up the Grand Inquisitor if he spent his youth being carted from one sport to another and his early 20s obsessed with the perfect lab report.