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There is a wide range of formats used for photos, and you should look for an online photo editing service that can support a number of the following formats: JPG, GIF, BMP, EPS, PDF, TIF, and PICT. These formats are among the most common. Many of these services also offer number of options when it comes to importing your photos, giving you maximum flexibility. Online photo editing services should give you a variety of choices to import photos and to export finished images. The most typical options include directly to and from the computer and emailing the photo to easily share with a loved one. Many of these services also offer instant importing and exporting with photo sharing and social networking sites, allowing you to skip the hassle of re-saving and re-uploading images.

Lunapic 550x370 Top 10 Online Photo Editing Services

If you need to edit your images futher, here are two free online photo editing services that many sellers like to use. You can use any one of these tools to edit your images for Etsy:

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Webmax offers exceptional photo/picture editing services to create fine and perfect images to the core. Our photo editing services include advanced photo cutouts/clipping, balancing brightness, repairing scratches, creases, remove spots, figure/feature correction etc. With our skilled online photo editing services, we can revamp the life of your old pictures. We can also repair seriously damaged pictures and make them platform ready (print or web).