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I was in the sixth year of my PhD program and hadn’t written a single word in months when I received an email announcement that someone called “The Dissertation Coach” would be speaking on campus. A bit grudgingly, I pulled myself out of bed — where I had been spending most of my time suffering from chronic depression — and went to the talk, where I heard Alison Miller describe the experiences of graduate students who, like me, were overwhelmed by the process of writing a dissertation. A few days later, Alison set me up with Rebecca Schwartz-Bishir, who has been my coach for the past three months. At a time when I was ready to quit altogether, Rebecca reminded me why I had come to graduate school in the first place: to learn, and to share my ideas with others. In just a few short weeks, I went from writing nothing at all to writing every day. By breaking down what seemed to be an impossibly huge project into manageable 30-minute tasks, Rebecca showed me how to use my time and energy in a healthy and productive way. I now feel confident that I will complete my dissertation this year, and I truly believe that I would not be where I am today without Rebecca’s guidance and support.

What do I do when I’m about to defend my dissertation and graduate? (OSE PhD Program)

I sought help from The Dissertation Coach after months of spinning my wheels in a vicious cycle of perfectionism and unproductivity. Kathryn Peterson immediately guided me in establishing reasonable daily routines that fit my life and work style and in creating actionable work plans so I could make progress one work period, one day at a time. With her unconditional support and positivity, I learned to celebrate effort as much as outcome, to value continued growth over short-term achievement. A warm and kind listener, she normalized the anxiety I often felt about my dissertation and taught me to face my fears not with judgment, but with self-compassion and courage. The skills and perspectives I learned from Kathryn not only helped me to complete a dissertation that I am proud of, but will undoubtedly serve me well in future endeavors. I am eternally grateful.

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I feel that using The Dissertation Coach was one of the best decisions I made while completing my dissertation. I worked directly with Christopher Bradley, PhD. He was amazing, professional, and knowledgeable. I needed assistance with the statistical analysis portion of my dissertation. His expertise made me feel comfortable and made such a difference in me finally finishing in a timely manner. Thank you Christopher and The Dissertation Coach for the support and guidance that you provided.