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The , a group of donors who strongly support MIT OpenCourseWare’s mission, have issued this challenge because they believe the thousands of people who use OCW’s site every day and can afford to donate, should be active members of our community of supporters.

This spring, MIT OpenCourseWare has been given another special challenge:

MIT’s foray into on-line learning started with MIT Open Coursework in 2001, a platform for professors to upload content and supplemental material. It gave rise to an MIT culture of blending classroom and on-line learning. From there, MIT started MITx, an open platform that allowed outsiders to access MIT on-line courses. Its first course offering, Circuits, attracted 120,000 registered students, a number larger than the entire MIT alumni base. This self-paced learning platform features video-content, embedded quizzes, immediate feedback, student-ranked questions and answers and on-line laboratories.

-Discrete Math (for algorithms actually from MIT Open Coursework)

MIT OpenCourseWare materials are licensed by the MassachusettsInstitute of Technology under a  .

Want an MIT education, without all the loans? You can get pretty close with MIT Open Courseware, a free educational service from the Cambridge, Mass-based university. The university recently decided to make its course materials available online so that anyone can take part in the classes, even if they can't go to the university. There are materials from 2,260 courses and serves educators, students, and self-learners alike.

MIT OpenCourseWare is supported through the generosity of people like you, who believe that unlocking knowledge can empower minds. To donate by credit card, enter the required information below.MIT OpenCourseWare (OCW) today launched a beta site featuring our interactive transcripts and video search plugins. Video search has become increasingly important for MIT OCW, which has grown to over 2,100 online courses covering virtually all MIT undergraduate and graduate courses taught at MIT. The LectureHall app provides a dynamic environment for accessing MIT OpenCourseWare video lectures on the go. A collaboration between MIT OpenCourseWare and Irynsoft, LectureHall uses Irynsoft’s VIRT2GO platform to make viewing OCW lectures a social experience in which users can update and keep tabs on their Facebook friends, post to a forum, and leave ratings and reviews of individual videos.This app is a collaboration of the MIT Open Courseware effort and Irynsoft to bring the video-based open courseware to mobile devices through Irynsoft's VIRT2GO mobile video platform. VIRT2GO offers a new way to view educational content on your mobile phone. It makes learning a social experience allowing users to update and keep tabs on their Facebook friends, to post to a forum, and to leave ratings and reviews of individual videos.