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Japanese dissertations are held by the National Diet Library (KokuritsuKokkai Toshokan) in Tokyo, where one copy of each completed thesis is routinelydeposited in accordance with Japanese government regulations, as well asby either the libraries or designated academic units of their degree-awardinginstitutions. The dissertation typescripts are available for reading onsite, and the National Diet Library accepts overseas requests for copiesin order to assist foreign scholars in their research. Under certain circumstances,the author's written permission must be obtained before an entire thesiscan be reproduced. The price of a photocopied dissertation is based on itsnumber of pages, with postage and handling being extra. Photocopies aregenerally less expensive than microfilm copies. (As of October 1997, blackand white photocopies of library materials generally cost ¥35 or ¥70each, depending on their size, whereas the first frame of a negative microfilmcost ¥150 and each additional frame ¥45.) All charges must be paidin Japanese yen by international postal money order, banker's transfer,or bank draft payable in Tokyo upon receipt of the invoice, which will besent to the applicant following the shipment of the copy of the dissertationitself. Libraries and individual scholars seeking to purchase copies areadvised to request a cost estimate in advance as well as a set of "NDLrequest forms for loan/photoduplication" that are to be submitted whenevera dissertation is ordered. Provide the library catalogue number (e.g., 61-J-147)whenever it is available. Inquiries should be directed to the InternationalCooperation Division, Library Cooperation Department, National Diet Library,1-10-1 Nagata-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100, Japan (Fax: 81-3-3597-9104).

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Promotion „summa cum laude“ im Hauptfach Amerikanistik an der Heinrich-Heine-Universität Düsseldorf mit Dissertation People’s Lives, Public Images: A Critical Study of New Deal Documentary Practices

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Most MIT dissertations follow the standard consisting of five sections: Introduction, Literature Review, Methodology, Results/Discussion, and Conclusion. In the Introduction, the student states the research question and summarizes the research findings and conclusions. In the Literature Review, the student reports on the study of existing research discussed above. In the Methodology section, the student describes the research study he or she has designed, and leads the reader step by step through the experiment and results obtained. In the Results/Discussion section, the student interprets the findings and places them within the context of other research in his or her field. In the Conclusion, the student summarizes the MIT dissertation as whole and suggests any new questions it raises for possible future research.