MBA Mini Dissertation: Patrick Ooro Patrick Ooro

The Independent nature of this Module is designed to develop the Learner’s ability to undertake research and to prepare and submit a mini dissertation for evaluation. There is no formal examination for this Module. The mini dissertation serves as the Summative Assessment. Students will demonstrate competence in the following.

A mini dissertation a walk With Christ - YouTube

Achievement of these Learning Outcomes will be 100% assessed by the mini dissertation only. No further formative or summative assessments will be completed. Required: You are required to research the current critique that exists with respect to any ONE of the following International...

The mini dissertation serves as the Summative Assessment.

STA6645 Mini Dissertation

Before you start your dissertation, you must first complete the dissertation proposal. Choosing a dissertation topic is the first step towards completing the proposal. The dissertation proposal is the groundwork for the rest of your study. Thinking about the dissertation proposal is important when choosing a topic, because the proposal is like a miniature dissertation in itself. It proves that you have developed an adequate dissertation topic for which you have conducted enough research.