Methodology of Dissertation Research

The dissertation examines the impact of traditional architecture conservation on urban development in Qatar using a case study of Souq Waqif market-place in Doha. Literature is reviewed on the theory and practices of heritage conservation (HC) considering the relationship between HC, social development and tourism. Cultural economic and financial aspects of HC are addressed. The methodology of the dissertation is based on secondary research and primary research carried out via interviews with Doha residents and foreign visitors. Conclusions are made about the priorities of investment in new buildings vs. capital expenditures on renovations and conservation of historic and traditional buildings in the urban areas of Qatar.

Methodology Chapter of My Dissertation

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Management Research: Theory and Methodology of Dissertation Writing

2.2 Objectives, hypotheses and methodology of dissertation

In your methodology chapter, you need to introduce the chosen research methods for your task and it’s required to explain that why have you chosen these topics. Here you need to be sure that each selected method of research is applicable as well as most suitable to your particular topic of research to complete it successfully. You have to describe that why and how those chosen methods are effective for your task and how they overcome the difficulties of the project. This is the main purpose of the methodology section of a dissertation.