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After a few neuro acupuncture Treatment and herbal Treatment, Mr. Yong then undergo another medical test. The medical lab report indicated that there were reduction in his total protein (TP) to 8.1 g/dl and his albumin (ALB) was also reduced to 4.6 g/dl. and his SGPT result rose to 59 IU/L. Other test results also indicated that his body was much better than before.

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Clinical Database has enormous quantity of information about patients and their diseases. The database mainly contains clinical consultation details, family history, medical lab report and other information which are considered to taking a final diagnostic decision by physician. Clinical databases are widely utilized by the numerous researchers for predicting different diseases. The current diabetes diagnosis methods are carried out based on the impact of various medical test and the results of physical examination. The new and innovative prediction methods are projected in this research to identify the diabetic disease, its types and complications from the clinical database in an efficiently and an economically faster manner.

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A Central Saanich man who received someone else’s confidential medical lab report in the mail has so little faith in the health authority that he refused to give up the documents until a uniformed Island Health security guard came to his house.