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Students enroll in the School of Medicine on a full-time basis for the first three years before taking a dedicated year to enroll full-time at Stern to begin the MBA program. Enrollment at Stern begins in the fall of the fourth year and extends through the spring semester. Students then return to the medical school for the summer and fall of the fifth year, followed by a final semester of MBA coursework in the spring of the fifth year. Students are awarded the M.D. in May of the fifth year, and the MBA upon successful completion of the final semester of the program.

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Dual MD/MBA students pay tuition to the School of Medicine during years one, two, and three, and during the final fall semester in year five (when they are enrolled primarily in the School of Medicine). During the initial summer MBA courses and three semesters of dedicated MBA coursework, dual degree students are responsible for paying tuition at NYU Stern.

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II. MBA Coursework

ANSWER: Upon entrance into the graduate program, the summer after their junior year the students will take three online MBA courses. The following summer they will take three additional online MBA courses, and then 15 credit hours of MBA coursework, on campus, during the following fall and spring semesters.

Finance: A Finance concentration gives you a global and domestic financial perspective. Theories, best practices and skills focus on foreign exchange markets, managing multinational corporations, the global financial environment, portfolio management, and other areas of concern. This together with the core MBA coursework gives you the financial and management background needed in today’s competitive global environment.Students have the ability to complete MBA degree requirements in one year, which is the third year of their postdoctoral residency. Students complete one full year of Full-time MBA coursework, bracketed by PMBA classes over the summers before and after the Full-time coursework year.The MD/MBA combined degree is a five-year program. Typically, students begin MBA courses after their 3rd year of medical studies. It may be possible to join the MBA after your 2nd year of MD, but is is advisable to take Step 2 exams at the end of your 3rd year and then join. It may be possible to complete the MBA coursework in 1 semester and 1 quarter.