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Over the summer period towards the end of the course, you will undertake a maths dissertation of 15,000-25,000 words. In this module, a substantial mathematical investigation will be carried out on a topic in statistics or probability. The study will be largely self-directed, although a supervisor will provide oversight and input where necessary. The maths topic will be chosen by agreement between yourself and your supervisor. The maths topic could be based on the statistical analysis of a substantial dataset, an investigation into statistical methodology or an investigation into a topic of applied probability or probability theory. It is expected that most projects will contain an element of statistical computing.

If you have any good idea's for a maths dissertations i would be grateful to hear them.

The major problem in writing maths dissertations is the meaning and purpose of a dissertation itself, research. So what can a person research on when math is taken as a complete branch of sciences? This provokes the general thought that there is no more room for research in maths. Nevertheless, this also is one of many theories and may perhaps be proven wrong if you are an expert in the field. You could take mathematics probability for that matter and could use some mathematics help from other experts.

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When discussing the maths dissertation existing mathematical theories in detail and provide examples based on your own research to prove them. You may also target branches of maths like quantity, space, change, structure, discrete mathematics, applied mathematics, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, arithmetic and so on.