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The MA IRDS is structured into two categories; PLAN A and PLAN B. PLAN A is by coursework and dissertation and emphasis will be research skills and problem analysis to create knowledge. This option will enable other institutions in the country and region to train their staff for academic career development. PLAN B is by coursework and research paper. This alternative will be for students who are already middle executive in government, NGOs and other institutions but do not need rigorous research skills leading to a traditional academic masters degree dissertation. They instead require deeper analysis of aspects of diplomacy, foreign policy, political economy and security. The Department has been receiving requests from the public to offer a master’s programme that is coursework based. Some of these requests are made by executives who would like to improve their skills and qualifications with a view of improving their performance in their work and increasing chances of their being promoted to higher levels. They also hope to take on new responsibilities either within their work places or in new ones. This category has no intentions of continuing with PhD studies, teaching and/or research. They are these demands that the Department is responding to by designing PLAN B. Those who will enroll for PLAN B will take more courses in the final semester and write a research paper. Eligibility:Applicants should have obtained a good first degree in any discipline.

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Geoff currently represents emergency medicine on the London Health Emergency Preparedness Committee and is a former member of BMA Council, the BMA Ethics and Equal Opportunities Committees and the Joint Consultants Committee. He examines at both membership and fellowship levels for the College of Emergency Medicine and has a special interest in medical law and ethics. He has completed a legal Masters degree dissertation on the effects of European law on the accreditation of UK specialist practice.

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and supports the Taught Masters Degree Dissertation module H0070315 (formerly H4C608)

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