Building employability skills in ICT Master coursework curriculum

Students who have not completed a recognised research project previously are required to complete a Masters Coursework Thesis project as part of their Coursework Masters. The Masters Coursework Thesis can be conducted in external mode if you are employed and your employer is willing to nominate a topic and co-supervise the thesis. Alternatively academics post details of potential projects (see below). Students need to submit the to Student Centre on Level 4 before the commencement of the relevant semester.

Difference Between Masters by Coursework and Research

The Master of Commerce is 2 years in duration (16 units) and is a Master by Coursework award, thus enabling graduates to expand their practical skills and knowledge in their area of expertise. The program has a research component and offers students the combined result of enhanced practical knowledge and further developed research skills.

Masters Coursework - Reference and Guide

Masters coursework requires a lot of safeguard from plagiarism