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The program is based on the required marketing coursework of the major in marketing with the addition of a different capstone experience, The Marketing Plan (MKT09.390), which would focus on the components of market planning rather than the integration of a broader wealth of information and training as is currently required in the capstone course required of marketing majors. The addition of one elective course from the 12 currently offered allows students some flexibility and customization when developing their program of study.

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Marketing is a subject that appeals to many of us. The reasons that make it unique is the involvement of the subject with our everyday activities. It prompts you to take marketing as a major subject at the university. Moreover, if you are studying marketing, there are multiple career choice. All the facts, that are mentioned above, are true about marketing coursework. However, the journey for a marketing graduate is not an easy one. Marketing assessments that one completes towards the course completion makes life hard. All students with a major in Marketing are required to follow a prescribed curriculum for the freshman and sophomore years. The consists of 24 semester hours of marketing coursework beyond the required Business and Liberal Arts core and must include , , , and as well as 12 additional credit hours of undergraduate marketing courses.