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1. Kachin expansionism was also treated by Friedman, 1998: 282, as part of his discussion of Kachin state formation. Friedman drew on materials in Edmund Leach’s unpublished 1947 LSE dissertation, “Cultural Change, with Special Reference to the Hill Tribes of Burma and Assam”, that Leach had excluded from his more famous 1954 book.

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Years at McGill: 2002 - 2006
McGill Degree: BA Political Science & Women's Studies
McGill Dissertation: "Assessing the Impacts of the Global Gag Rule on Sexual & Reproductive Health Rights Funding"
LSE Dissertation: «The Geopolitics of Difference & Postmodern Possibilities: Caribbean Feminist Inflections.»

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Encountering Gerani (LSE Dissertation, 2011) This is a ..

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