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Lucidia is a language editing service for life scientists and biomedical professionals writing in English. Based in Finland, the editor is a British PhD life scientist and has published broadly in international journals, magazines and digital media outlets.

Lucidia checks and improves word choice, grammar, sentence structure, flow, organization and format of text while drawing attention to any issues with respect to experimental design, interpretation of results or inconsistencies in reasoning.

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The Charlesworth Group language editing service is designed for researchers who are non-native speakers of English and are writing in English as a second language. They work globally, with offices based in the United Kingdom, the United States, and China. Their editors are native speakers of English and have university degrees in the subject area in which they are editing. They test and assess all editors to ensure that they have the skills and knowledge to edit and proofread expertly and to check work thoroughly at all levels within their subject area. Their service carries a guarantee that if one is not satisfied with the quality of the edited paper, they will resubmit it to a second editor to review free of charge. Their website is available in both English and Chinese. They offer a help desk with real-time e-mail and telephone support in English and Chinese.

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Listed below are a number of companies who, for a fee, offer language editing services in medicine and life sciences.

Language Edit editing services provides a new outlook to your manuscript, fine-tuning the English Language to make your manuscript compliant with other international submissions. Language Edit, with proficient specialist editors from various scientific disciplines, offers services that will help modify your manuscript such that it can meet international publication standards. Our Copyediting team comprises experienced Editors who are Postgraduates, MPhils and PhDs from reputed academic institutions as well as research scientists and academicians who are capable of editing Journals and Books across a wide range of subjects, be it scientific, technical or medical. The in-depth knowledge and the varied experience of our Editorial team ensures that we are able to offer You the best in terms of editorial services.