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Please note the above companies will charge authors for their services. Using a language editing service is not a requirement and does not guarantee acceptance of your manuscript.

Some publishers also provide language editing service, but I have no idea how good they are.

The Charlesworth Group offers expert Language Editing services for non-native English-speaking authors, and is pleased to offer exclusive discounts to authors planning to submit to Emerald's journal(s). .

Language Editing Services - Elsevier

For more information, see the websites of these external language editing services:

Manuscript editing and polishing by high-quality, Asia-based (English) language english language editing service and science editors . Making a great english language editing service first impression with your manuscript is important, whether your reader. Each manuscript is carefully reviewed and corrected for. Our English Language Editing service connects you with a skilled native English speaker in your subject area, who will help improve the. We strongly recommend that authors who are not native English speakers have their manuscripts professionally edited before. English Language Editing Services