Lab Report Grading Rubric - Mr. Jones's Science Class

5- Copying the rubric to students. After I've finished filling out the lab report rubric and checklist for a student's lab report, I select the "Copy to..." option on the tab of the spreadsheet:

iRubric: Writing a Lab Report rubric - D3CX35: RCampus

At this point, when each student signs into GDrive, they'll see their shared folder, with a spreadsheet titled, "Josh- Lab Report Rubrics," for example.

Chemistry I Lab Report Rubric Name: - Mrs. Wiedeman

Lab Report Rubric - Easy Peasy All-in-One High School

Once I've copied a lab report rubric to the student's spreadsheet, I revert my copy of the rubric back to its original state so it's ready for me to start on the next lab report.