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Voila! Each student has one document that will contain every lab report rubric we do all year. This makes it easier for students to look back at previous lab reports and see where they made mistakes or needed more depth. It will hopefully also easily document their their growth over time.

Chemistry I Lab Report Rubric Name: - Mrs. Wiedeman

I have used Google Docs for a while now and your post has made it easier for me to use in the lab.
Really like the access to the lab report rubrics. Got me thinking...

Science Lab Report Rubric - Merton Primary School

Physics Lab Report Rubric:

A window then pops up asking me what Google Spreadsheet I'd like to copy it to. Since I've already created a lab report rubric spreadsheet for every student (in step 2), I just search for the student's first name, and select their lab report rubric spreadsheet: