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e) The independent lab analysis report which was issued on 14 January 2015 declared the moisture content of the samples to be in excess of 20%- twice of what was declared in the shipper’s declaration.

Our Iron Ore Lab Analysis report

All entries will be screened to ensure they meet the entry criteria. Teams, accompanied by their teacher, will be asked to develop and present to the :
1) A short Crime Scene Report
2) A Lab Analysis Report
3) A Poster summarising the conclusions and inferences drawn from their investigation

sample no lab report no petroleum products laboratory analysis report

In the case of professional tests, you will receive two results: the initial lab analysis report and also the MRO report.

Up to 20 marks for the Crime Scene Report
Up to 20 marks for the Lab Analysis Report
Up to 20 marks for the Poster of conclusions and inferences
Up to 20 marks for verbal presentation of materials
Up to 20 marks for response to judges’ questions

Three finalists will be invited to attend the Young Innovators Challenge presentation evening at Loughborough College on 20 May 2016, where their posters and presentation materials will be displayed, and the winner will be announced.