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Lab X: Biotechnology ExplorationInformal Lab ReportBiology 115 Lab Section 03Sara MartinsonPart One1. We are using Cheetos and Mr. Millers corn to test for the presence of GM crops.2. In this experiment we use a series of controls to compare the unk

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After students collect data from the dissections. They will be given time to digest and organize their data to determine trends, discuss their findings that relate to their questions, defend their findings based upon the data they collect, discuss problems that they encountered, and pose other questions that may have come up during their investigation. A formal or informal lab report could be required to use as a summative assessment.

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Unit 19 Introduction to Argumentation
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Unit 21 Writing Arguments
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The use of either the formal or informal lab report is the decision of the instructor. Typically the informal lab report will be turned in before the end of the classperiod and does not have to be word-processed.Lab V: EnzymesInformal Lab ReportBiology 115 Lab Section 03Sara MartinsonPart One1. The IKI test for starch solution before amylase-catalyzed hydrolysis was bluish/black, which was thesame as the negative control of distilled water. After hydrolysisAn informal lab report varies in format: sometimes you are asked to outline the experiment in a paragraph or two then jump right into the observations, sometimes it is simply a collection of questions (Q1, Q2, etc) to be answered. Where a lab report asks you to answer questions, consider the following helpful hints:L ab VI: Cellular Respiration and PhotosynthesisInformal Lab ReportBiology 115 Lab Section 03Sara Mart insonPart One1.2. Our results support the hypothesis regarding room temperature in that the germinatingpeas in a warm bath consumed oxygen at a m