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Don’t worry about not being too up on things... think of it this way Dec 2 2009 I had to ask my ENT what a thyroid was, and where it was, and what it did, and what did she mean by goiter? I did not know what an endocrinologist was. I didn't understand how to read lab reports. And it took me till April 2010 to find this place. (after my thyroid was completely out and i was going towards the LID) I didn't have vertigo, and i was at the ENT to talk about the major loss of my hearing and the fact I setting up to go to surgery to replace the bones in my middle ear with tiny mechanical pistons so I could recover my hearing.

I didn't understand how to read lab reports

Summer of 2013, I volunteered at Metropolitan Liver Diseases in the research department. In this department, I worked under Dr. Vinod Rustgi, but my specific research coordinator was Mrs. Jane Pham. I worked with another one of my family friends, and together, we had an experience that was unforgettable. I volunteered for about 10 hours a week, with other volunteer jobs on the other days. Dr. Rustgi’s research is specialized in gastroenterology, specifically in hepatitis C and the best method to treat it. Getting there the first day to sign some paperwork and learn more about hepatitis C, I also learned how to centrifuge the blood and how to prepare the blood samples to be tested in the lab. Later on in the summer, I learned how to read lab reports and phone patients with the correct criteria for certain research trials. This is the first time I had ever worked in such a setting, and I learned and gained a lot from this experience

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