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Are you trying to find an appropriate dissertation topic? Do you need a good piece of advice on how to find a dissertation topic?
Then, you have come to the right place.

Before giving you helpful recommendations on how to find a dissertation topic, we would like to encourage you a bit. You know, it is really good that you want to complete this task, you are looking for reliable guides, and you are ready to face all the difficulties.

Now, as promised, we are going to give you some tips on how to find a dissertation topic.

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Last but not least, B&B research must have relatively high practical relevance, i.e., in a basic-applied continuum, it should lay closer to applied, which doesn´t mean that you can rid of the theory, which is actually an essential factor when researching.
Finally, we went also over the research process and, concretely, over research stages, which actually matches with the chapters of our textbook and hence with our next lessons. Here is the result of activity completed by you ranking the different stages. Taking for granted that you wish to do research (at least to pass this course), in the next lecture we will go over the second stage which deals with how to formulate and clarify your research topic. Until then you can start reading my on how to find a dissertation topic.