How can I build Gstreamer Editing Services 1.2.1 on windows?

Mousewheel integration is also implemented in the application, allowing users to navigate the timeline. You can also group and ungroup video clips, use SMPTE (Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers) video transitions, and create scripts using GES (GStreamer Editing Services).

This package contains command-line tools for GStreamer editingservices.

Lossless cutting (provided that your output codecs match your input codecs) is a feature of the "GStreamer Editing Services" library and thus will be part of the next release of Pitivi (barring unforeseen bugs of course - usual disclaimer applies: no guarantee, patches welcome for issues that may arise, etc.:)

ges1.0-tools - Tools for use with the GStreamer editing services

libges-1.0-0 - GStreamer editing services (shared library)

GStreamer Editing Services was the real godsend. It’s the culmination of years of effort by many contributors but primarily . Nokia wanted to have video editing capability on the platform and funded the development of GES. Indeed there is some trimming support in the media options for individual video clips in the Gallery and Video apps even without this new VideoEditor app.

GStreamer Editing Services (GES) is a cross-platform library that provides a complete SDK for producing a non-linear video editor and interfaces with GStreamer and its GNonLin plug-in. The Gstreamer Editing Services layer is able to solve many architectural issues with Pitivi, vastly simplifies the video editor with many lines of code being removed, and has better performance.Session Summary: This talk will focus on the GStreamer Editing Services (GES) library for GStreamer which adds support for high quality and low overhead videThe GStreamer Editing Services aims to fill the gap between GStreamer/GNonLin and the application developer by offering a series of classes to simplify the creation of many kind of editing-related applications. The GStreamer Editing Services are cross-platform and work on most UNIX-likeplatform as well as Windows. It is released under the GNU Library General Public License(GNU LGPL).