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Students who attempt grounded theory but cannot tolerate confusion and regression, and who need to continually feel in cognitive control, fall by the wayside. They get fed up. They might even decompensate if they do not give up. It is terrible to watch such a colleague break down while trying to do a grounded theory dissertation.

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, of Glyndwr University, has just let us know that she has successfully defended her grounded theory dissertation with only minor corrections required. You are congratulated!

grounded theory dissertation proposal

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Personal health information is increasingly sought and shared on the Internet. Some people with lifelong chronic conditions turn to online support groups focused on their condition for social support, which often includes the exchange of personal health information. This trend is likely to continue, as the prevalence of chronic disease in the United States is rising. However, we do not understand how people search for and share health information in online support groups. This proposal outlines a grounded theory dissertation that will address social support, information seeking, and personal health information disclosure on online support groups for chronic kidney disease. This research proposal, the winner of the 2013 Thomson Reuters Doctoral Dissertation Fellowship, outlines a dissertation aimed towards understanding how and why people with kidney disease share personal health information in OSGs using a grounded theory approach. This work will add to our understanding of information seeking behavior, disclosure behavior, and social support, and to our knowledge of how these processes are linked.